Sep 24, 2017 | Rubbish Removal

There comes a time when you need your space back to park your cars away from the harsh Qld weather. It’s so easy to let your garage become cluttered with rubbish. It all builds up so quickly and before you know it your precious toys are taking 2nd place to your junk. How about a bit of a clear out?

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A keen woodworker felt he had better hang up the tools and enjoy his days hanging out in the garden and make some room in his double garage for his cars. It was a pleasure to help out here. After a couple of hours of work and a truck full of rubbish this garage was decluttered and now the proud owner can enjoy this decluttered space again. What a relief it must be to have all this room back

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What a difference this makes. Scrap Global helping out property owners and clearing out garages all over the Gold Coast.

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We understand many proud Gold Coast home owners like to keep there home in pristine condition and that’s where Scrap Global can help out. Let us do the hard work by taking your rubbish to the dump. Sit back and enjoy your weekend the way you like to spend it. Have you been wondering how to get rid of that item you have always wanted to dispose of but have been putting off for many years. Scrap Global are here to help. No job too small so let us take care of it. It may be a lot cheaper than you think. Two men and a truck and we’ll have it gone, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t had it gone sooner.

Remember we recycle where possible and any items that can be reused are dropped off to charities so others can get good use out of them

Scrap Global – Helping to keep the Gold Coast clean and beautiful

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