Builders Waste Removal Gold Coast

Scrap Global can help you out with all of your builders waste removal on the Gold Coast. When you’re on a worksite, keeping the area clean and tidy is essential to maintaining health and safety regulations and ensuring productivity remains on track.

We’re experts in builders rubbish removal and can take waste from anywhere on your site, load it into our trucks and take it away quickly. We recycle what we can to reduce landfill and dispose of the rest in a responsible manner.

We’ll keep your site clear of rubble and scraps without you needing to do a thing. This allows you to continue on with your work knowing someone else is looking after the waste collection.

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We take our services across the Gold Coast and can work with small to large commercial businesses and their unique needs. Give our friendly team a call to find out more!

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Gold Coast City Council preferred rubbish removal

Preferred contractor of the Gold Coast City Council for illegally dumped rubbish removal

Need Rubbish Removed Fast?

Construction Rubbish Removal Gold Coast

Leaving rubbish lying around on a building site is not only messy and takes up space, it can be dangerous too. Many discarded construction materials are sharp and can pose a safety hazard to employees if not cleaned up immediately. Scrap Global can remove it all without you needing to spend unnecessary costs on a skip bin.


What Kind Of Rubbish Can We Take?

We can remove all types of construction waste, including bricks, plywood, stone, asphalt, roofing material, packaging materials, cement, windows and glass, ducting, plastic, general scraps, debris and more.

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Why Use Scrap Global As Your Preferred Building Site Rubbish Removal Service On The Gold Coast?

We’ll help you save space and money

If you don’t have enough rubbish to warrant a skip bin or your building site is too small to accommodate one, call Scrap Global. We can come to your workplace, load our truck and take it away as soon as we’re done.


No permits needed

Eliminate the need for permits when you hire us. Our professional team will pick up a wide range of builders waste from anywhere on your property and remove it quickly.

We do the heavy lifting

You can carry on being productive while we do all of the heavy lifting. We’ll carry everything and load it without disruption to your work so that there’s no safety risk to you or your team.

We’re on time

We get that you’re busy and want your builders waste taken away as quickly as possible. That’s why we show up at the specified time, do our job and clean up after ourselves so you can get back to work quickly.

Experts In Builders Waste Collection On The Gold Coast

Scrap Global are specialists in builders waste removal on the Gold Coast. We make sure your building sites are free from hazardous materials caused by construction or demolition projects so that the area remains safe and functional for everyone. Don’t waste time or money trying to get rid of it by yourself – simply call Scrap Global and we’ll do it for you while you get on with your job!