Appliance Disposal From $99

Need help getting rid of an unwanted fridge or appliance? Gold Coast-based Scrap Global can help! Appliance Disposal from $99

Do you have an unwanted fridge, or other large appliances that you’re struggling to get rid of? If yes, you aren’t the only one. Many Gold Coast residents end up holding on to these appliances because they aren’t sure how to properly dispose of them. Scrap Global can not only help you to remove ‘white goods’ from your property, freeing up much needed space in your home, but we will also dispose of it in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

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What are White Goods?

Any electronic or battery-operated device counts as white goods – and while mobile phones, batteries and ink cartridges are recycled separately to standard white goods, Scrap Global is more than happy to assist you with removing any and all white goods that you want to dispose of.


Why Can’t I Just Toss White Goods In The Bin?

Electrical appliances are made of dozens of materials. The visible parts of most appliances such as plastic casings and bodies, glass and metals, can easily be recovered and recycled into base materials for new products. However, most appliances also contain toxic heavy metals and fire-retardant materials, as well as elements like arsenic and lead. These elements are not biodegradable, and will leach into the soil, poisoning it. Even worse, the harmful by-products of e-waste can end up in water systems, creating another problem entirely.

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How Scrap Global Helps With Broken Washer and Dryer Pickup

Scrap Global will work with you to dispose of your white goods ethically and responsibly. We will take your goods and hand them over to manufacturers as part of their take-back schemes, and these manufacturers will recycle them into future products. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business looking to get rid of dozens of broken and outdated appliances, or a homeowner who has just cleared out the attic – We’re more than happy to help you dispose of these goods in a way that benefits all parties involved.

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When Do I Need Appliance Recycling?

Many people have appliances lying around the home that are still somewhat functional. You need to ask yourself if this appliance uses up a considerable amount of water or energy to operate. If it does, you’ll save money by investing in a more energy efficient appliance, while reducing your burden on the environment.

If you are uncertain about disposing of your white goods, or want to find out more about our appliance disposal Gold Coast services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.