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Maintain Your Garden With Scrap Global’s Gold Coast Garden Waste Removal Services

If your garden is your pride and joy, then you probably invest a lot of money and time into it. A healthy garden is something that requires constant upkeep. After all, plants never stop growing and in many cases you will need to remove, prune or trim your plants for them to thrive. This, of course, means that your garden will produce plenty of green waste on a monthly basis.

Under our hot Australian sun, the waste will start to decay quickly and create a foul odour that can attract insects, rats and other household pests. The best solution for garden waste disposal is a Gold Coast based company like Scrap Global, which will come to collect your garden waste when you need it.

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Need Rubbish Removed Fast?

Our once-off or regular garden waste removal

While garden waste is typically made up of grass and plant trimmings, it can also include larger waste like plants and shrubs. It may be that you need to trim a large tree, or a storm could bring several massive branches down. Additionally, you may have invasive plants that need to be uprooted and removed. in these cases, call Scrap Global for assistance with your garden waste removal on the Gold Coast.

Why not just dump green waste in a bin?

Many people wonder why they can’t just dump green waste in their standard bins. In short, garden waste that ends up in the dump will emit emissions which are bad for the environment, which means in the long run, it’s better to allow a professional to collect your garden waste or consider our tips for green waste disposal on the Gold Coast. Our team at Scrap Global can collect, sort, treat and recycle your green waste for you so it can be used elsewhere.

You could hire a skip bin – but why pay for something so huge when your garden waste doesn’t merit it’s use, and actually takes up very little space when compacted? It makes more sense to contact Scrap Global so that we can assess how much you need to get rid of and give you a fair price based on what you’re actually disposing of – nothing more, nothing less.

It really is as simple as calling us or sending us images of your garden waste. We will arrange a date, time and price that suits you and take care of the rest.

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Garden Waste Removal FAQ

Can you rake up palm leaves and do a general garden clean up?

Yes. We can come in and remove all your garden waste leaving your yard free of debris. This could be anything from tree branches, palm leaves, rocks, grass clippings, compost and more. Most clients only require a one off garden rubbish collection however we do have some larger properties that we regularly visit to remove their garden waste.

Can you help clean-up after a storm?

Yes. We can assist with removing fallen trees and debris. We can also collect any personal belongings or other property that has been damaged by the storm.

Can I pay you on the day?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards and can take cash if you prefer.

Can you collect piles of dirt?

No. Piles of dirt, sand and rocks are best handled by a landscaping companies or suppliers that may have access to small excavators and trucks designed to move the materials with ease. All our work is completed by hand with the assistance of trolleys for lifting.

If you are unsure, please give us a call or send through a photo and we are happy to discuss this with you.

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