Waste Reduction And Reusing

Apr 3, 2020 | Blog, Rubbish Removal

Australians generate a lot of rubbish and the landfills are proof of this. Where possible ideally we need to not create it in the first place. Making anything new will require a lot of energy and materials. Reusing as much as we can will be the most effective way of controlling the amount of rubbish that is being disposed of at our landfills.
When disposing of rubbish, we as the owners of rubbish removal companies have several options. We can either dump the rubbish at one of the landfills or we can take it to a transfer station, where the workers there will separate the rubbish for us and recycle as much as they can. Of course we can also separate the rubbish for ourselves and take to a recycling centre where they have sophisticated machinery and way of preparing the valuable resources for reuse.

At home there are habits you can adopt to ensure sustainable solutions to keep your waste out of landfill.

– Buying used products. You can find a wide range of items from clothing to building materials. Every second hand product you purchase is one less new product made which requires a lot of energy and materials. It keeps that second hand item away from the rubbish tip too.

– Products that use less packaging use less raw material. This reduces rubbish and costs for packaging.

– Buying reusable products over disposable items. For example. using a reusable coffee mug as opposed to the throwaway cups you purchase.

– Donating items. There are many charitable organisations that will take your unwanted items. What you may think is rubbish or old junk could improve someone’s life dramatically. If you don’t have the means or ability to deliver the items off to a charity, you’ll be able to find one that would be more than happy to collect from you. By donating your old junk will prevent perfectly good and reusable items from landing in the rubbish tip. Donating also helps your community and those in need, making this act of kindness a win-win for our environment and community.
Businesses focus should have the impact on the world, due to waste disposal, as part of their vision and take steps to lessen any impact being caused by their company. Scrap Global are the leaders in the industry within their cultural statement is a key principal-

Sustainability- We always recycle at every opportunity. We care about the earth and environment and we always look for a sustainable solution when it comes to rubbish or waste created by our company or collected from our customers.
Making everybody accountable for the earths well being, to ensure future generations enjoy the same environment we have all grown to know, is becoming more of the norm. It’s not enough for companies to just have environmentally friendly rules and procedures. They need to encourage and reward people for doing the correct thing in their workforce and ensure their people are following the rules and environmentally friendly practises.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, there are very few who would argue against the need to reduce the waste that ends in landfill. Reducing the amount of junk or rubbish from landfills will have a great impact on CO2 emissions. Harmful gases are released from rubbish at these tip sites which could be contributing to the issues around climate change. Recycling helps to reduce this, so we all need to be more conscious about the impact of our choices when it comes to the disposing of our rubbish

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