Garden Shed Clear Out

Nov 1, 2017 | Blog, Rubbish Removal

Summer is on the way so a good time to clear out the garden shed of all of the unwanted rubbish. Contact us at Scrap Global and we’ll take care of it for you. We take the hassle and hard work out of it all while you spend your time with other leisurely activities. Snakes and other insects are always looking for a new abode to move into so if your unwanted items are left lying around it can become quite hazardous.

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Scrap Global have purpose built trucks designed to take away almost any rubbish you need gone. Above we have a shed that our client needed cleared out. A simple phone call and our crew were there in no time. We had the shed decluttered with just the single trip to the rubbish dump and our client had useful space again. Room for your motorbikes or your lawn mower and gardening tools. You could even use it for extra storage to free up a room in your house. Apart from decluttering your shed we can remove and dispose of a wide range of waste materials from anywhere on your property so there’s no need to move it onto your driveway or worry about heavy lifting. If you have been putting off removing rubbish and unwanted items contact us for a fast and efficient service.

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Areas all up and down the Gold Coast you’ll see our trucks being loaded by our crew helping to keep the residents homes in pristine condition. Our drivers turn up, load the rubbish and take it away for you. Trying to keep as much junk as possible out of landfill, recycling is very important to us.

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